Energy/Electric/Gas Assistance

  • Minnesota Energy Assistance Program (EAP)– Assists eligible renters and homeowners with home heating costs and emergency utility disconnections.
  • Shut Off Protection/Cold Weather Rule– Helps residential customers keep their heat connected from October 15 through April 15. All gas and electric companies must offer CWR protection, but in order to receive CWR protection you must make and keep a payment plan with your company. Contact your gas or electric company to find out more about their CWR protection policy and get information on additional discounts.
  • 4U2 (Minnesota Energy Resources– Helps qualified homeowners and some renters make their home more energy-efficient, in order to lower future energy costs.
  • Emergency Furnace Services– If you are a homeowner eligible for the Energy Assistance Program and your furnace is broken or unsafe, a trained technician will come and evaluate your heating system. Funding is limited so this service may not be available year-round. Call 651-645-6470 for more information.

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