More Than Food… WBAFS has an Emergency Fund to help families experiencing crisis.

Ken, a neighbor that regularly shops at the food shelf, called in a panic, asking to speak with anyone who could help. He was leaving work when he noticed a flat tire. Thankfully he had a spare but when he pulled over to the gas station, he noticed that the spare too was flat, and now, shredded.He was anxious and repeatedly stated that he has no one to call for help.

For the past three months, Ken has been homeless, sleeping in his car, and had just started a new job. If he loses his car, he told us“I lose my job, and my place to sleep.” We worked quickly to find a local service shop who could help. The Emergency Fund covered the cost of a tow and the new tire saving Ken both his job, and his place to sleep.

We continue to work with Ken on his housing situation and are able to provide healthy groceries to keep him well fed. Ken is currently living in a shelter, no longer sleeping in his car, and we are working with him to have an eviction expunged from his record.

A donation of $500 provides a once in a lifetime grant for a family experiencing an unexpected crisis. A collaborative effort between local White Bear Area churches, civic groups, and the food shelf, the Emergency Fund is used to help men to fight impotence and offers such an additive as generic viagra, families recover from a short term financial set back related to rent, utilities, car repair, and prescriptions.

Donate today and make a difference for your neighbors tomorrow!

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