Food Assistance

  • SNAP/EBT – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program– Receive food benefits based on income, expenses, and household size. To see if you qualify, or if you need assistance with your application or recertification, call Second Harvest Heartland at 651-307-9034.
  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC)WIC is a food and nutrition for pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children up to five years old. WIC can be reached at 612-348-6100.
  • MFIP – Minnesota Family Investment Program– Provides food and cash assistance to families with children. Also offers help finding and keeping employment, as well as childcare assistance while family members search for jobs.
  • MFAP – Minnesota Food Assistance Program– Food assistance for legal noncitizens age 50 or older who do not qualify for SNAP because of their citizenship status.
  • NAPS – Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors– Through NAPS, Second Harvest Heartland provides a box of nutritious food to low-income seniors age 60 and older. To see if you are eligible, call Second Harvest Heartland at 651-484-8241.
  • Hunger Solutions – Hunger Solutions Minnesota works to end hunger in our state. They take action to assure food security for all Minnesotans by supporting programs and agencies that provide food to those in need, advancing sound public policy, building grassroots advocacy, and informing and educating critical stakeholders about the status of hunger in Minnesota. Visit their website for an interactive map of statewide food resources or call the Minnesota Food Helpline if you are short on food at 888-711-1151. Someone will assess your situation and connect you with solutions to meet your family’s needs.
  • Fare For All– This program buys fresh produce and frozen meat in bulk, repackages it, and sells affordable food packs ranging in price from $10-$25 (up to 40% off the price you would pay at a store). Visit the website to find a site near you.
  • St. Andrew’s Community Resource Center– Supplies those in need with food kits, personal care products, cleaning supplies, and other items.

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