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The White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf relies on volunteers to provide food and support to our neighbors in need. We have a variety of group and individual volunteer opportunities available. All volunteers must complete an application and participate in an orientation before volunteering.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Greeter – Greet neighbors as they arrive to shop and schedule appointments over the phone.
  • Driver – Pick up Food Rescue product from various local grocery stores.
  • Stocker – Help sort items and restock shelves.
  • Market – Be available to answer questions and provide support to neighbors during their shopping appointment.
  • Special Events – Help as needed for various food drives and other special events.

For individual opportunities, we generally ask that you make a six-month commitment to work at least two times per month.

Group Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • KID Pack Assembly Events
  • Community Roots Garden
  • Mobile Markets

For more information about these or other volunteer opportunities please contact Ross, our volunteer coordinator at (651) 407-5311 or email with any questions.

New Volunteer Orientation

The White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf is a place where our neighbors find a relaxed, friendly, and judgement free environment. That feeling of welcome is only possible because of our amazing volunteers.  Our volunteer teams understand that everyone needs help from time to time and that their time here is making a real difference in the lives of our neighbors.

We want volunteers to feel valued and to have a wonderful experience at the food shelf so we’re careful to make sure all volunteers are fully trained and comfortable in their role.  All new food shelf volunteers are asked to attend one of our regularly scheduled orientation sessions. This session is our opportunity to make sure that you find a volunteer role that is fulfilling and will fit your experience and skills.

The orientation has two parts:

  • Food Shelf tour and information – During this time we’ll provide you with information you’ll need to have a great volunteer experience with us. The information session will last approximately 30 minutes and will include a tour of our facility, an overview of food shelf programs, time for questions, as well as information about specific volunteer positions.
  • Part two is for new volunteers who are ready to commit to a specific role and schedule. New volunteers will complete all necessary paperwork as part of the orientation.

New volunteer orientation sessions are held twice each month on the:

Following orientation volunteers should feel that they have a thorough understanding of their volunteer role on the food shelf team and will be prepared to have an enjoyable experience helping our neighbors in need.

Application Form

click here for a volunteer application form

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