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Naomi came to the United States at the age of 17. When she was 7 years old, war broke out in her country and her family fled. In the chaos, she was separated from her parents and siblings and found a group of strangers who were walking to safety. Twenty days of walking and she was in a new country – alone. She was sent to Egypt for schooling and from there she came to the United States.Since her arrival over 30 years ago, Naomi has worked full-time jobs and volunteered for several different service organizations – helping others. Earlier this year, she began having dizzy spells and passed out while working as a cook for a local shelter. Due to her prolonged and unexplained illness, Naomi had to take time off and although her work was supportive, she was denied unemployment. Naomi had just started treatment for the Fibromyalgia when she first came to the food shelf. It was her 51st birthday and she was crying, a utility disconnection notice in hand. “I don’t want ask for help,” she explained,“but there are no other resources, and with my medical needs, I’m scared.” Shereen, our Community Resource Coordinator worked with Naomi over the past few months to apply for various assistance programs including Energy Assistance and Energy Cents. She was also able to connect Naomi to a law firm that would help her file for social security on a pro-bono basis. Thanks to the Food Shelf’s Community Resource Program, Naomi’s past electric bills are now paid, her monthly utility costs are discounted, and she is working closely with a pro-bono lawyer, applying for SSDI. As for her health, Naomi’s treatments are working and although she has not had a fainting spell recently, the medications make her very tired. The last time Naomi was in for a shopping appointment, she told us that between the healthy groceries she now regularly receives at the food shelf, and the additional resources we provided,“I am now much less stressed!” she said with a smile. A donation to the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf provides healthy groceries and meaningful support to families like Naomi’s who are struggling to make ends meet. Donate now to help a neighbor in their time of need. https://whitebearfoodshelf.giv.sh/86ec

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