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Announcing the 2017 Give a Gobble Turkey Drive!

We’re hoping you can join us this year.

Fast Facts about Give A Gobble: The WBAEFS serves as a critical resource of food and support for those experiencing hunger in our community:

  • Serving as many as 600 families on any given month.
  • 400 families received a Thanksgiving meal last year, an increase of 14% over 2015.
  • 7% of those receiving a meal were seniors and nearly half were children.
  • The Give A Gobble Turkey Drive allows community members to support their neighbors by purchasing a Thanksgiving meal for a local family in need. 

In addition to promoting Give A Gobble through the traditional media outlets (social media, the White Bear Press, local magazines, etc.) the WBAEFS will highlight the event on Give to the Max Day, a one-day, online giving event created by GiveMN to rally support for important causes that make Minnesota the best place to live. By joining these efforts, we can increase the impact of support during this holiday season. Please read through the attached sponsorship opportunities and choose a level that works best for you.

Here is what Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Director at H.B Fuller has to say about Give A Gobble:

“H.B. Fuller sponsored Give a Gobble for the first time in 2016. We were impressed with the impact of the event, and appreciated the promotion on social media, but it was also a fantastic volunteer opportunity. Our team had a great time and had the chance to get to know each other outside the office, while giving back to their community.”

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Attached, please find, 2017 sponsorship information, 2016 Give A Gobble Flyer, and the WBAEFS 2016 Annual Report. Please contact me by phone at (651) 407-5372 or by email at to discuss this opportunity further.


Andréa Kish-Bailey,

Executive Director


Sponsorship Opportunities  

TURKEY SPONSOR– $2500 (Exclusive)

  • Your company recognition as “Your Company Name’s” Give A Gobble Turkey Drive at Kowalski’s Market-WBL”
  • Your company recognition as the main Give to the Max Day Matching Grant donor on org site, all promotional material, social media posts and printed ad in the White Bear Press.
  • Your company logo on each donation coupon, inclusion on the event flyer, link to your company website from the event page, and inclusion in the Food Shelf e-Newsletter.
  • An opportunity for team building by providing a group of 5 or more volunteers to cover one 2-hour shift on the day of distribution (November 20, 2017).



  • Your company logo on each Donation Coupon, inclusion on the event flyer, inclusion in the Food Shelf e-Newsletter and your company name on 5 social media posts.
  • An opportunity for team building by providing a group of 5 or more volunteers to cover one 2-hour shift on the day of distribution (November 20, 2017).


FRUIT and VEGGIE SPONSORS— $500 or Fresh Food Donation (In-Kind)

  • Your company logo on the event flyer and your name included on 2 social media postings.
  • An opportunity for team building by providing a group of 5 or more volunteers to cover one 2-hour shift on the day of distribution (November 20, 2017).


The Food Shelf will:

  • Use all donated funds to cover the cost of the Thanksgiving Food Distribution (includes purchases from Kowalski’s (our Give a Gobble Grocery Partner) and local food banks. Any excess funds will be used to provide food and support to our neighbors in need.
  • Host and manage the “Give a Gobble” event page and GiveMN Give to the Max Day event page.
  • Promote Sponsors on the event flyer, event page, Food Shelf website, press releases, media outlets, social media outlets per sponsorship level.
  • Manage the on-site Thanksgiving Distribution at the Food Shelf on Monday, November 20th.

***Please send company logo or other graphics to be used in .jpg or .eps format to no later than Thursday, September 21, 2017. ***


Thank you!  Your sponsorship of the Give A Gobble Turkey Drive allows us to provide food and support to our neighbors in need this holiday season.

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